Practice Typing
Business Memo Format

Practice typing business memo format in order to know more about memos and the difference between a memo and a letter.

First of all the word memo is a shortened form for memorandum. Its plural is memoranda. It is an internal means of written communication between departments of a company instead of using letters to correspond. It can be filed away for future reference.

The first thing you type when typing memos is its headings. Memorandum is typed in capital letters. You then press the Enter key three times in order to type the other headings.

Its headings are made up of:




Reference (Ref)


These heading can be place all on the left side (fully blocked) or it can be divided into two columns. You can use the Tab key on your keyboard to move to the center of the page for the second column or you can set a left tab on the ruler to move from the first column to the other.

A colon can be added at the end of each heading. The information for each should also start three spaces away from the longest line which is the subject.

Practice Typing Business Memo Format


Press the Enter key three times to start the body of the memo which is the paragraphs. Paragraphs can be typed in double line spacing if it is a short memo or single line spacing. It is also laid out in blocked style.

The sender usually signs his signature at the end of the memo. If there are attachments or enclosures this should be typed (enc. or encs. or att. or Att) according to house style or company rules.

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You can print a copy of each style for your personal use by clicking the link below.

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