Practice Typing Simple Tables

Practice typing simple tables in any business document or on a separate page. To carry out this task you need to make sure the cursor is placed where the table will be located.

If you are using Word 2007 or above

Click the Insert tab on the ribbon. It is located above the Font group. The Table button is located just beneath the Insert button. Click the down arrow under the Table button. There you will see commands like Insert Table or Draw Table.

Insert Table

If you want to use this method it is very easy. All you need to do is pass the mouse pointer across the boxes and you will see many rows show up on your page.

If you immediately continue to move the mouse pointer downwards you will get many columns. You can get at least 10 rows and eight columns.

After you have selected the desired amount just click the mouse on the left and your table will appear on the page.

Practice Typing Simple Tables

Draw Table Tool

This command has a pencil shape icon.If you choose this all you need to do is click the pencil and your mouse pointer will take the shape of a pencil. Press the pencil lightly on the page where you want your table.

As you drag across lightly you will now be creating a border which looks like a box. Lift your hand when you reach the desired width of your table.

Practice Typing Simple Tables

Create Columns

You can now divide the box or border on the page into columns by lightly touching the horizontal line at the top to the horizontal line at the bottom. In this way you can see how wide your columns are.

Create Rows

To create rows you will have to draw lines across the box accordingly. If you need more columns or rows place the cursor next to the last row or column. Go to the ribbon and click the Layout tab which is the last tab. In the Rows and Columns group you can make the necessary additions.

Why not take some time off and try it. It is so easy. 

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