A Great Way to Practice Typing - Using The Dictionary

Practice typing using the dictionary. This will help you spell words correctly as you type. When words are spelled incorrectly it gives a very poor impression on your work. It also confuses or changes the meaning of the word.

If you are not good at spelling you can improve. The first step in correcting your spelling is to recognize it as a problem. Take steps to handle it. Take your time, shop around and purchase a few dictionaries. The standard editions of the better dictionaries are adequate for most purposes.

Next, acquire the dictionary habit, so that you will automatically reach for your dictionary when in doubt. If you are uncertain about the exact meaning of a word, look it up. Do not always rely on your brain. Even using the computer’s dictionary feature can at times be a little misleading. You personally need to know the right spelling or word to choose from.

In addition to providing the various definitions of a word, a dictionary contains information about the word’s spelling, pronunciation, and origins. It also tells which part or parts of speech the word is used as and may offer simple sentences to show how the word is used in various contexts.

For example business

Business (biz nis) noun 1. A pursuit or occupation; trade, profession; calling 2.Commercial affairs. 3. A matter of affair 4. Interest; concern; duty 5. A commercial enterprise or establishment. 6. Those details other than and exclusive of dialog, by which actors portray their part and interpret a play.

What the dictionary did for this word?

It gives the word pronunciation

It tells us that business is a noun

It lists six common meanings

I do hope this information from practice typing using the dictionary was helpful to you. Watch your spelling! Do not give up! Take your time and use your dictionary at all times. Always keep a good dictionary on your desk for quick reference.

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