Ways To Practice Typing To Eliminate Errors And Save Time

Practice typing to avoid embarrassment. What am I speaking about you may ask? Well I am sure you have had the experience of receiving some rush work from your boss. He needs it now. You hurriedly begin to type and finally complete it within minutes. Whilst proof reading it to make sure everything is OK you have located errors not just one but many.

How sad especially when they are waiting for the document, and there you are trying your best to correct them; but you have located many more as you go along. This can take up a lot more of their time. They can become a bit impatient and frustrated. Do you know what that can mean for you? You can be fired! What then can you do?

Why not take the time off to observe the cause of your errors; at least 10 minutes weekly. Correct, adjust and replace your errors, words, paragraphs or layouts by using this website, practice-typing.net.

You will learn how to layout paragraphs, memos, business letters, use the autocorrect feature, correct misspelt words, add words that you regularly use to your computer dictionary and much more.

What about using your fingers? Are you having problems hitting the right keys? This tends to slow you down. You can improve in this area by learning how to use your fingers correctly along with using the keyboard and the perfect sitting posture through some knowledge of ergonomics.

Choose the appropriate navigation buttons on the left that are appropriate for your corrections. You can also make use of the exercises, drills and games for practice. I assure you that it will make your job much easier and productive.

You can fill in your name and email address on this website, practice-typing.net to subscribe for monthly newsletters, e-zines and blogs on typing tips.

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Practice Typing Meeting Minutes Sample
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Practice Typing Manuscript Format
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