Practice Typing Documents

Practice typing documents involve having a knowledge of the different types of business documents  that are being used in the office. We must surely know how to type documents even before we start working in the office.  There may be times when we are hired to work and after a long time not being able to prepare documents we may forget to create them.  Well that is what this website is all about.  Whether you have already had a knowledge of creating documents or not I have laid out the different or various documents that are being used in the office.

The business documents that are mostly used in the office are:

Letters, Memorandum, Minutes of Meetings, Agenda.  Sometimes it is according to the type of business you work for they vary in their documents. 

Take for example if you are employed at a typing service company you will have all types of documents to type for all types people. Some may hire you to type a letter, a resume, an agreement, children at school may hire you to type out their project and so on.   Whatever their circumstance it is good to have a knowledge of these documents. Below I have introduced a very simple and professional ready-made format which is the template.  It is a good idea to master it.

Practice Typing Documents - Using Templates

Templates can also be used to create documents in the office.  Templates are really a format or layout of each business document you are going to create. You just have to choose whichever you want. They are found in the Word and other programs on your computer.  It is very easy to find especially in the updated Word and other  programs.  It can also be found online.  There you will find a wide range of them.  It can be accessed from your computer. You can choose different

Paper sizes which are shown in the template window. You will find a wide variety such as  landscape or vertical layout according to what you are going to create in Word program.  They have a professional outlook both in color, font and layout.

You will also find

  • Layout or Styles
  • Headings
  • Fonts
  • Themes, etc.

They will make you Waw! You can even save them for future use.  They can be adjusted by changing the color of the headings and even the font styles, etc.  Why not try it first before you use it at the office to create documents.  You will be happy you did so before hand.

You can check out the different business documents I have created for you and the added tips that I am sure you will benefit greatly from.