Ways To Practice Typing To Eliminate Errors And Save Time

Practice typing correctly now in order to avoid embarrassment. What am I speaking about you may ask? Well I am sure you have had the experience of receiving some rush work from your boss. He needs it now. Were you prepared to make the needed adjustments to that document?

You can be fired!

If you weren't prepared to practice typing well I am sure you knew what was coming, especially if you had just started working with that company. You would either be fired or dismissed immediately. Why?

You should have already learnt how to

  • type accurately,
  • correct errors and
  • lay out documents.

So why not get acquainted with the many features on typing.

Avoiding errors. How?

This website is designed to assist all persons using a typewriting keyboard, because some time in our lives we have to type out a document. 

Whether it be an assignment, a talk, a letter or maybe an agreement. You will make errors for sure; may be in spelling, grammar, or even the layout of the document. 

Stick to this site; practice-typing.net and learn how to correct your errors, lay out a document and print it. 

Learn to type

Have you also being typing with two or four fingers? I invite you to visit this site regularly and learn to type correctly using the right fingers (four on each hand) and your thumb for spacing.

You will find a wealth of typing tips for you to practice as you begin working in the office or if you can type but were using the wrong fingers along with your thumb this site is for you also.

Ergonomics (How you sit)

How do you sit when you type? Do you sit in a relaxed mood or in an upright position?  What is the right sitting posture? Do you experience pain in your limbs or back when you type? What is the core reason for this? 

These and many other questions on sitting posture when you type will be discussed on this site. Not forgetting the right choice of a  typing desk, your computer and chair.

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