Practice Typing Words

Practice typing words in pairs in order to know the difference between words that look alike or sound alike. For example take a look at meter and metre. If the wrong word is chosen it will change the meaning of the sentence and this can be embarrassing to you the typist and the recipient of the document; not forgetting the reputation of your Company. I am sure that you will always want your Company to be well spoken of at all times.

To make the right choice of words use a dictionary. It can be your lifeline. It should never be far away from you. Looking up the meaning of the words will help you to make the right decision.

Listed below you can practice typing words in pairs that can sometimes confuse you as to which is the right one to choose.

Practice typing words in pairs - 1 to 8

1. accept

to receive, to believe, to take responsibility

2. except

to exclude, to leave out

3. advice

opinion given or offered

4. advise

to give an opinion, to recommend

5. biannual

twice a year

6. biennial

every two years

7. check

to test for accuracy

8. cheque

a bank draft or bill

Practice typing words in pairs  from 9 to 16

9. complement

that which completes

10. compliment

praise, commendation

11. continual

every frequent

12. continuous

unbroken, without stopping

13. council


14. counsel

advice, opinion

15. dependant

someone who depends on another

16. dependent

depending on, subordinate to

Practice typing words in pairs - 17 to 23

17. eligible

fit to be chosen

18. illegible

incapable of being read

19. especial


20. special

particular, beyond the usual

21. expand

to develop

22. expend

to use up, to spend money

23. illicit

not permitted

Practice typing words in pairs - 24 to 34

24. elicit

to extract, to draw out

25. meter

instrument for recording, measuring

26. metre

verse, rhythm, unit of length

27. personal

one's own, private, individual

28. personnel

staff or employees of a company

29. practice

performance, customary

30. practise

to put into action

31. principal

first in rank or importance, sum of

32. principle

fundamental truth

33. stationary

standing in one place

34. stationery

writing materials

You can also click the link below to make sure your words are spelt correctly before printing.

When in doubt you should always look up the word. When more than one meaning is given for a word take care to select the meaning which fits the sense.

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