Practice Typing 
One Minute Speeds

Practice typing one minute speeds using the following speeds below. Choose one speed each week and keep practicing until you can type it accurately and on time. Print them or copy and paste each on a page and save on the desk for daily practice.

Practice typing one minute speeds - 40 words per minute

1.  The hay was soon on the way to the barn where it was stacked by the gang of boys who fond their arms soon ached as they did the jobs they were not used to. By the end of the day it was all off he truck.

2.  As the craft came in to land they cold see a group of people near to the strip. They were very glad to know that all would be well and that for a time the catch would be safe an they would not be seen.

3.  The paint was not quite what he had in mind a day or so past but it make a change and for once a bad mistake had come out right in the end. He did not want to see more made and so he soon made them stop.

4.  Each day they would set off just as the cloud gave way to the sun and spend their time on top of the cliff in the sun or in the sea where they went to cool off when it got too hot for just lying out asleep.

Practice typing one minute speeds

5.  The office junior has many jobs to do and one of them may be to help with the mail. Quite often the mail is just part of the work of an office but in some firms there is a special mailing office on its own.

6.  When the mail arrives at a firm it must first be sorted. The registered packets, as well as the envelopes bearing special markings, should then be placed in another pile from the rest of the firm's mail.

7.  Mail may be brought to the firm direct from the Post Office or the firm may arrange for it to stay at the local Post Office and await collection by a person employed by the firm - the person being the junior.

8.  To avoid cutting the contents of an envelope, as well as the envelope itself, care must be taken to tap down the content inside the envelope prior to slitting the envelope open with a knife of some kind.

How was it? Did you find yourself typing each paragraph in one minute. If not start all over again until you become perfect. When you have completed these go to the 2 minutes speeds.