Practice Typing Business Letters

When you practice typing business letters those who read it should understand you clearly. This is particularly important because a letter is a messenger.

It carries what you want to say to its recipient. It is an ambassador because it carries your image or that of a firm or organization which you represent.

Practice Typing Business Letter -  Errors

It is interesting to note that not all letters that is sent to a company or firm is  laid out correctly. The next time you receive a letter from the post take a careful examination of it and you will be surprised to see how many simple mistakes are made or are taken for granted.

Sometimes people are so busy that they refuse to take the time off to check correspondence that is to be signed before it is sealed and mailed out of the company. They consider it of little importance.

Therefore whatever style you choose whether it is blocked, semi blocked or indented it is good to create the right impression not just in the content but in the presentation.

Practice typing business letters -Layout

A poor layout, like for example

  1. forgetting to type in today's date,
  2. using too many sentences to a paragraph,
  3. or not leaving enough space for the sender to sign his or her signature, no matter how important its content, irritates and does nothing to help the firm's business.

Practice Typing Business Letters - Checklist

So never let a letter go until you are satisfied with its consistent layout, style,(fully blocked, semi blocked or indented, suitable wording, and punctuation. Take your time and thoroughly go through your letter, making sure it is

  • ready to be signed by your employer or it is already signed,
  • dated with today's date
  • and the envelope is correctly addressed to the same name and address in the letter.
  • If it continues on a second page make sure the page is addressed correctly with the receiver's name, page number and today's date.
  • Staple page one and two together.
  • Place it in the appropriate envelope
  • Seal it
  • Place the stamp on the top right corner of the envelope.

Now you are ready to mail your letter.

There is also a gentle reminder you need to know about. You always need it at all times with your letter. They go together. What is it? Envelopes.


What about your envelopes? Are you addressing them correctly. Are you using the right size for your letters.

Click the links below to see a letter layout or addressing envelopes.

Letter Layout