Practice Typing  Minutes

Practice typing minutes format typewritten or handwritten. It is a record of discussion which took place at a meeting. It is kept in a Minutes Book. Practice typing minutes in order to make your minutes easier to trace and understood. At the end of every meeting comes the preparation of minutes. They provide accurate record of what was transacted.

They are considered a legal document that can sometimes be used as evidence in a court of law. Accuracy is therefore the paramount importance.

The typing of minutes should also be clear, concise and to the point. It should be laid out in a professionally accepted style.

It is not the role of the typist or secretary to interpret what was said but to record it. The meaning intended by the speaker must be conveyed.

Type it in the third person and in the past tense. Use plain language, simple words and short sentences. Use careful punctuation and correct grammar.

It must first be drafted, copied and distributed among members. It also has to be inserted in a minutes or file book and indexed.

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Business Meeting - Practice Typing Minutes

Practice Typing Minutes - The order for typing minutes is:

  1. Heading - name of group,date,time and place
  2. Those who were present in alphabetical order (preferably)
  3. People who were invited
  4. Apologies from members who were unable to attend the meeting
  5. Observers
  6. Reading of the last minutes
  7. Matters arising from the minutes
  8. Reports and general matters
  9. Any other business
  10. Date of next meeting
  11. Chairman's signature

Practice Typing Minutes - Numbering Minutes

Minutes should be numbered for quick reference. There are many ways to do so.

It can be numbered starting from the first meeting onwards.

The year can be added for easy reference.

For example - 1/10 2/10 3/10

The minutes can also be numbered for each meeting

For example -

Meeting held on 24th June, 2010 (12th meeting)

12/1 Minutes of meeting held

Meeting held on 24th June 2010 (13th meeting)

13/1 Minutes of meeting held

Practice Typing Minutes - Indexing Minutes

Minutes of previous meetings will be checked from time to time for different reasons. Numbering them all through the year makes it possible to index the minute titles alphabetically.

For example if a topic is discussed at different meetings it must be numbered under the same title always.

Indexing can be written in a book or printed on cards. It can also be done on the computer. By referring to the index all the decisions taken in connection with the topic can be quickly and easily found.

So if you are responsible for preparing the minutes and there is no house style why not try these suggestions on practice typing meeting minutes format so that it can be easily arranged for future reference.

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