Practice Typing Home

Practice typing home for your Company instead of at the office can sometimes be challenging at first.  Both family life and your office work are important to you.  Practice typing home has its advantages and disadvantages.  What is the difference you may ask? Practice typing home has provided these in detail.

Practice Typing Home - Surroundings

Typing at home we tend to be in our natural surroundings.  We are surrounded by friends, family and neighbors.  We also tend to be more relaxed at home than in the office and this can cause us to socialize more than we used to.  We even find ourselves moving at a slower pace because there is no one from the office to observe our office activities at home.

Practice Typing Home - Ergonomics

 If we are not careful we can take our health for grated when it comes to practicing office ergonomics at home. How can that be you may ask?  Well for one thing we may not see the need to set up a corner in our home with a desk and chair in a comfortable setting to carry out our  office duties.  Proper lighting can also be neglected.  Sitting posture may be taken lightly.

Practice Typing Home - Using a Laptop

We can find ourselves placing our laptop on a chair to type whilst sitting on a couch which can cause a strain on our body.  We can also place our laptop on our bed to type office documents which can put a strain on our body. 

Our laptop can start overheating because air is trapped under the laptop where the fan is located and there may now be no proper ventilation for the air to escape.

Practice Typing Home - Family Responsibilities

Deadlines are not always met when she has to practice typing home.The typist can take time off from time spent typing documents and other office duties and instead carry our her family chores.    For example because of no longer being organized for the office setting she now:

  • Gets up later each morning
  • Spends more time preparing kids for school
  • Doing her laundry and other duties during working hours

Practice Typing Home - Advice

In order to practice typing home and attend to family responsibilities the typist should have a discussion with the family; explaining to them the challenges she may have to face and how they can help.

Choose a private spot in your home where you can set up office. Making  sure there is proper lighting, a suitable desk and chair and preferable a desktop computer which can be placed on her office desk along with a printer. She can also have a filing cabinet or a cupboard where she can lock away her office stationery and other items belonging to the office away from the family.

Practice typing home should always be taken seriously. Laying out a schedule and sticking to it can help greatly.We should never take our job for granted if we are assigned to carry out our office work at home whilst taking care of our family.