Using The Correct Fingers
to Practice Typing

Practice typing for beginners is designed for those who are interested in the correct way of using the keyboard. Or this may be the first time for you because you do not have the slightest idea as to where to start.

Many just use one finger mostly the index. To print a capital letter some use the frog style, that is, trying to press the shift key with their little finger whilst stretching to reach the letter with the finger that is closer to the key.

I have even seen persons go as far as using their thumb. How shocking! Always remember learning to operate the computer, for example turning it on, operating programs, playing games is not all. Learning to operate the keys correctly is very very important, especially when you have to lay out letters or other business documents quickly or urgently.

There is a link below you can click on showing you when to use your index finger.

You may be surprised to see how fast you can learn the keyboard in just a few sessions. Once you use all your fingers and thumb correctly you will find yourself hitting the keys easily and quickly without searching for them.

On this site you will learn how to:

  1. Avoid using your index finger only
  2. Avoid crossing your right hand on the left side or your left hand on the right side to reach for a key
  3. When to use your thumbs?
  4. When to press the Caps Lock Key?
  5. When to press the Shift Keys? and
  6. Why there are two Shift Keys instead of one

There is so much you can learn. You can never go wrong. Take your time, go slow and follow the instructions closely. As you continue to spend time using the right fingers you will be able to hit the correct keys all the time.

Click the link below for a new session. Come back to this site for more helpful advice.

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