Practice Typing
Types of Paragraphs

To practice typing types of paragraphs you must have a knowledge of each paragraph layout. Paragraphs are the putting together of sentences in groups.

After each sentence you must give two spaces to begin another sentence. Some sentences ask a question so they end with a question mark (?). Others end with an exclamation mark (!) if there is need for urgency or emphasis in speech.

There are also short sentences and long ones, which can be broken up by a dash or comma, in order for the reader to connect the two parts quickly, and thus give a clearer understanding of the topic discussed.

Some sentences are direct speech so it consists of quotation marks("  ")to show up or identify the exact words of the speaker.

Practice Typing Types of Paragraphs

 Many typist or secretaries may only know of two types of paragraphs which is the indented or blocked style. Do you know there are other ways to format a paragraph?

For example a paragraph can be:

  • Align left only
  • Align left and right
  • Align right only
  • You can hang your paragraphs. These normally has a side heading on the left and the paragraph on the other side.
  • Number them or list them, etc.
  • You can also change your line spacing to single line (1.0), one and a half line spacing (1.5) or double line spacing (2.0). The Line Spacing button is found on the ribbon if you are using the Word 2007 upwards. Do not forget to select your paragraphs in order to change your line spacing.

For hanging and indented paragraphs you can use the ruler above the white page or the Tab key located on the right side of the keyboard.

The above formatting can be used for different purposes. It is important though to choose one that suits your document. There are also benefits of choosing the right format. One thing is that it makes your information easier to read and understandable. Also your layout tells a lot about you the typist or secretary. Do not just type a document but show some interest in your layout. Choose from a wide variety of styles.

Always choose this website, and make your typing of documents look the way it should - professional. Keep learning then practice what you have learnt and I can assure you that you will be productive when typing documents.

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