Practice Typing Manuscript Format

Practice typing manuscript format can relieve you from the stress that can mount up when you have to recognize so many different signs or symbols and quickly complete your work so that you can move on as it were. Once you clearly understand them your job can become easier.

Follow these instructions for typing manuscript format then at the end of this page there is a link for you to click on in order to view some of the abbreviations for manuscript.

Before you start read through the whole assignment in order to understand the persons handwriting and try to identify the abbreviations and corrections you need to make.

Look out for special instructions which may be stated at the end or at the side margins.

Practice typing manuscript format - Paper size

Always use A4 paper for manuscripts or if the writer should instruct you otherwise.

Practice typing manuscript format - Margins

Use a wide left margin (one and a half inch) and a narrow right margin (half inch) if the writer so desires.

If the pages need to be bind leave a wider margin to the left. If the top is to be bind start typing from the 10th or 13th line.

Practice typing manuscript format - Layout

Follow the style of layout whether indented or blocked.

If you are using indented style, center your main heading. If you are using blocked style then block the main heading.

Practice typing manuscript format - Headings

Your main heading should be typed in capitals and spaced out between words and letters. Press the Enter key three times after the main heading to continue with the rest of the work.

If there is more than one line in your heading leave a double line spacing between lines.

If you are using initial capitals for sub-headings (i.e. only the first letter of each word starts with a capital letter) center and underscore or underline them.

Type section heading in initial capitals and underscore.

Practice typing manuscript format - Line Spacing

Type the body of the work in double line spacing

Leave triple line spacing between paragraphs if blocked style is used and double line spacing if indented style is used.

Leave triple line spacing before shoulder headings and double line spacing after.

Practice typing manuscript format - Centering

You can center your assignment vertically if it is short.

Now you are ready to type your manuscripts quickly and well laid out. You must now click the link below to get to know the abbreviations for manuscript that you will meet from time to time.