Practice Typing Caps

Practice typing caps is very important for you the typist. There is a time to type capital letters with spaces, without spaces and also inserting the full stop. In order to do so  you can use the Shift keys or the Caps Lock key.

Another word for capital letters in typing is "caps"  or "upper case." These terms are sometimes used in manuscript handwriting to describe capital letters.

To type capital letters there are two keys that you can use but for different reasons.

Practice typing caps - using the Shift keys

There are two Shift keys. One is located on the right side of the keyboard and the other is located on the left side of the keyboard. To be precise they are in line with the last row of the keyboard.(zxcvbnm,./)

Why Two Shift Keys?

Think for a moment as to why there are two Shift keys. It is not placed there without a purpose. The reason for two Shift keys with one on each side of the keyboard is to type one capital letter using the smallest finger on the left hand or on the right hand  according to where the one capital letter is located.

If you practice typing caps or capital letters hold down the Shift key with your little finger. Use the little finger on one hand and type the one capital letter with the other hand using the appropriate finger.

You must keep your little finger on the Shift key until you are finished typing the one capital . You then lift your finger off the Shift key.

For example if you are typing the word "Computer" using the capital letter "C" you use your smallest finger on your right hand to hold down the Shift key. You then press the letter "c" on your keyboard using the middle finger on your left hand. You can now lift your smallest finger from the Shift key.

Caps Lock Key

There is only one Caps Lock key which is located above the Shift key on the left of the keyboard or next to the key "a". Some typist use the Caps Lock Key to type one capital letter.

This method is incorrect.They press the Caps Lock key using their smallest finger on their left hand pressing once to turn it on. A light is shown on the key to turn it on. The typist then type the one capital letter then press the Caps Lock Key to turn it off.

When to use the Caps Lock Key

Practice typing caps by using the Caps Lock key to type the entire word or words all in capital letter at once. Press the Caps Lock key to turn it on. A light normally shows up on the right side of the keyboard. Type the capital letters at once using the correct fingers to the correct keys. When you are finished press the Caps Lock key again to turn it off.

Now that you have learnt to practice typing caps the correct way I do hope that you will practice typing it this way from now on.