Practice Typing
Printed Documents

Practice typing  printed documents very simple and in less time at low cost. There is always be a document to print. For example a letter, a Memorandum, Minutes of Meetings, etc. Even though we may claim to live in a paperless world there seems to be more paper in use.

In order to produce a copy you must know how to operate a copier. There are all kinds with all sorts of brand names and some printers have so many uses. Some are designed to copy, print, scan and even fax along with answering the telephone.

All printers have software (CD)that you can download in your computer in order for both printer and computer to connect. A manual usually comes with a printer. It is important that you read it before operating the printer.

The operation is very simple once you follow the instructions and look carefully at the buttons found on your printer if it has more than one use. Making copies are very simple.

Practice Typing Printed Documents

If you are using the Microsoft Word 2003 choose File then click the Print menu. A dialog box will appear with some main subheadings.

If you are using the Microsoft 2007 or upwards click the Office button located on the top left hand corner of your Word window.

A list of menus will appear. Choose Print then print again. You will also see other menus like Quick Print and Print Preview. It is better to choose the first one until you get acquainted making copies then you can try out the others.

The headings below will assist you if you are using a normal printer that can only make copies.. Follow them step by step to get a clear understanding.

They are:

Printer: This is the main heading situated at the top of all the other headings.


This box displays the name of the printer that is linked up to your computer. Make sure it displays the right printer.

Type - the kind of printer you have installed.

Where - which port the printer is connected to.

Status tells you whether the printer is idle, busy or the number of copies it has to print.

Practice Typing Printed Documents

Properties - changes your paper size here. And you can choose ‘draft' in the tab ‘Paper/Quality’ Media box, choose ‘Plain paper, Fast Draft Quality’. Click OK to accept the changes and close the dialog box.

Note To save your ink use the ‘draft’ feature. You will use less ink when you print. If you are making copies of pictures do not use this feature. Your picture will not show.

Find printer finds the printer your computer is connected to.

After you understand these instructions from practice typing printed documents you will then be ready to print.