Practice Typing About Me

Learn about me Linda Villaruel.  I have many years of experience in training, teaching and typing documents using the typewriter and computer keyboard. There is so much to share but I can only write that much enough for you to build your trust in me as your mentor in the world of typing or keyboarding.

About Me - My First Love for Typing

I learnt to typing when I was 16 years of age, I am now in my 60's.  What inspired me was seeing a   student sitting in front of a typewriter and typing and that really caught my eyes.  It left an impression on my mind about using these keys to print letters on a page. Her posture and using the keys so quickly and accurately that it  really inspired me.  I never knew about this machine until that last day at secondary school.  

When I left secondary school I never had any future goals in mind I just stayed home until one day I saw a building in my home town advertising Secretarial courses.  One of those courses were typewriting.  I felt enthusiastic about the course because it brought back to my mind the student typing using a typewriter.  This is what I really wanted to do and I felt happy about it.

About Me - Teaching Typewriting

I was successful in my exams but not getting a job immediately I then did correspondence courses (Medical Secretary) in line with my office career. I loved those courses because it included typewriting and shorthand but this time Gregg shorthand. The Principal of the secretarial school called me to teach those said courses I learnt at his school.  I took the job immediately, and because of my love for these courses the students were successful in those said exams. 

In my classroom with my students presenting a farewell gift to a teacher

About Me - A Stepping Stone

My stepping stone to the office world began with a student who had been successful with her exams. She worked at an Employment Agency hiring persons for jobs at companies.  One day she called me at the school and asked me if I can fill the post of being an Executive Secretary.  I left my teaching job after five years of teaching and became an Executive Secretary, when the Company had closed down I was then hired at different companies to fill different roles as a Secretary then Clerk Stenographer 2, I even acted for a Minister's Secretary of my country. I am still teaching  those courses privately this time using the computer keyboard for typewriting.

I can go on and on because there is so much to share from my experience in the typing world.  There is also so much to share at this website  Be sure to continue coming back to this site for you to learn about typing which is now called keyboarding.