Practice Typing Incorrectly

Practice typing incorrectly when it comes to misspelled words shows you need help to identify and correct your errors as you type.The computer has a dictionary stored with many many words like a normal dictionary that you use at home from your bookshelf.

You can make use of this feature to make sure your words are spelt correctly or you can add the word to the dictionary that is built in the dictionary.

The cause of these errors are:

You spell the word incorrectly (For example 'many' is spelled ‘meany’) Or the dictionary does not have that word. For example your name (Issabel)

Whenever you type a word that is not stored in the computer’s dictionary the red ragged line appears under the word immediately.

Or you typed the word twice unknowingly (For example Dear Sir Sir).  This is considered as incorrect typing of words.

Here is how you can resist from Practice Typing  Incorrectly by using the dictionary feature.

Hold your mouse and point to the inaccurate word.

Click the right side of the mouse whilst pointing to the word.

A shortcut menu or a box appears displaying a list of instructions for you to choose from. This is what is shown from the shortcut menu below in order to make the right choice in correction.

They are:

Practice Tying Incorrectly - Choose Ignore once

If you do so the red ragged line will disappear but it will appear at another time when you type that said word.

Practice Typing Incorrectly - Choose Ignore All

If you do so the computer will ignore the word throughout the document but that does not mean that the word will not appear at some time when you are typing a document.It can appear at another time when you open the page after saving it.

Practice Typing Incorrectly -
Delete Repeated Words

When you choose this, the same word which appears the second time will be deleted.

So there you have it. Practice typing and correct misspelled words using the above suggestions; when you make mistakes whilst typing. Once you use this method when correcting inaccurate or repeated words you will make your employer will appreciate all your documents that you typed for him.

So take your time and carry out these suggestions. Never be in a hurry and forego them.

Practice Typing Incorrectly -
Add to dictionary

When you choose this command from the list the computer will add the word to its dictionary and the red line will be removed permanently. The dictionary now considers this word as correct and not an error. So whenever you type that word again it will never show up as an error.