Practice Typing Games

Practice typing games is great fun for both kids and adults but can you really practice typing accurately by playing games?  Is there another way to practice typing and improve your speed along with accuracy?

Typing Games - Accuracy

Typing accurately is important for the typist because she has to type fast and avoid making errors.  She is a great asset to her company because typewritten documents are a means of communication to her company both internally and other businesses her company communicates with through typewritten documents.  Can a typist practice typing games to build her speed and accuracy?

It is true that there are a lot of typing games that are designed for kids and adults to practice typing accurately.  It really keep your fingers busy and your eyes focused, in order to be a winner in the typing game and it allows you to move your fingers quickly whilst playing games accurately using certain key fingers on the keyboard.

Practice Typing Games - Advantages

The advantages are:

Music is played in the background.  It puts you in a relaxed mood along with change of pace and environment which can be encouraging and motivating.

Choice of games can be enjoyable and it suits your pace in speed and weaknesses on certain alphabet letters you can work on as you type.

Being a winner at the game makes a typist feel elated knowing she has improved her speed in typing.

Practice Typing Games - Disadvantages

What are the disadvantages of practice typing games?

There are no fixed time to practice typing games.  You may only want to practice when you feel like it.  You may not always be motivated to want to practice.

There is no supervision when it comes to office ergonomics.  No physical or person to person contact is there to assist or guide you.

Using the correct fingers for the right keys can be taken lightly .

Too much focus can be placed on playing the games instead of typing accurately.

Some games may not be appropriate to the typist.  It may be an animal game (kids game) instead of using words and sentences.

You can feel a bit bored using one website of games.

Practice Typing Games - Solution

To improve your speed and accuracy you can sign up with an online class where you can communicate with your typing tutor at all times.  She will be waiting for you and be able to supervise you, pointing out your weaknesses and give you advice as to how you can improve. Your typing tutor by observation helps you to carry out office ergonomics at all times. Then you can build your motivation by playing typing games.

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