Practice Typing Letter Layout

Practice typing letter layout allows you to produce letters that are laid out in all its styles. If you follow the guidelines given below you will be able to learn all the different styles whether it be Fully blocked, Indented or Semi Blocked. And you will also know why you need to use a certain part of a letter when necessary.

Practice typing letter layout -The Letter Head

The first part of a letter is its heading sometimes called the letter head. A letter head advertises the company you work with. It consists of the name of

The company's name

Its address

Telephone number

Fax number

website address

email address

Practice typing letter layout - Today's Date

The second part of a letter consists of today's date. The formal method of typing today's date is

30th April, 2010

April 30th 2010

30 April, 2010.

April 30, 2010.

Never use figures. For example


Practice typing letter layout -
Recipient's Name and Address

The recipient's name and address is placed after pressing the Enter key twice. (One line space)

For example:

Mr. John Smith

First Street



Zip Code

Practice typing letter layout - Greeting Line

The Salutation or greeting line is placed after a line spacing from the name and address.

For example:

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir/Madam

Dear Sirs,

Dear Messrs

Dear Madam

Dear Mr. Smith

(Do you know why we use these salutation without a name? Click this link for more information. Letter layout tips

Practice typing letter layout - Body of the Letter

The Body of the letter is made up of paragraphs. Each paragraph is separated by one line spacing.

Practice typing letter layout - Complimentary Close

The complimentary close (Click this link for more information)

Yours truly

Yours sincerely

Yours respectfully


Practice typing letter layout - The Name of the Company

The name of the company is sometimes typed immediately after the complimentary close. For example:

Yours truly


Signature Line

The signature line which is typed five single line spaces away from the complimentary close. You may wonder why this is so. The person signing the letter must have enough space to type his signature clearly. It must never be touching the typewritten work.

Practice typing letter layout - Enclosures or Attachments

The enclosures or attachments.either one must be typed in order to notify the person receiving the letter that something was sent with this letter. Either one can be used. It is typed enc.or encs. which indicates that one item was sent with this letter or encs or atts which indicates that more than one item was sent with this letter.