Practice Typing Punctuation

Practice typing punctuation with skill. Do you know how many spaces there are after a full stop, question mark, exclamation mark or a simple comma.

Learning to type is not all. Practice typing punctuation can help the reader to understand clearly what is being said instead of trying to figure it out .  Punctuation is the key to reading in a meaningful way. Remember your objective is to convey thoughts correctly not merely to type words.

Punctuation is an important element of written language. Punctuation may indicate where to pause, how long to pause when reading. If you fail to  change tone when required by the punctuation it can change a statement into a question or it may change the meaning altogether.  Be sure to get acquainted with the way punctuation is used in the English language. After you finished typing a correspondence make sure and read it through to make sure what is typewritten makes sense.

Practice Typing Punctuation -What are the benefits?

  • When others see your work they build confidence in you.
  • Your performance is highly considered  by your employers.
  • You can be on the list for promotion.
  • You feel good about yourself and this helps you to move on; having a positive feeling about your job.

Typing Punctuation Marks Correctly

No spaces after


The percentage (%) key

Do not leave any space before the percentage % sign. Leave one space after it.

e.g. 15% off

Practice Typing Punctuation -
Spaced Capitals

To space out letters leave one or two spaces after each letter and 3 or 4 spaces after each word. There are no specific rule for spaced capitals. You have to use your discretion according to layout or house rules. House rules  are your first choice in everything you do.

No space before and after a


One space after


One space before and after

A Dash

Two spaces after

  • Question marks,
  • Exclamation marks and
  • Full stops.
  • Subheadings
  • Complimentary close

Three spaces

After main headings

Five to six spaces?

After complimentary close


When typing numbers you may adopt one of two methods:

Either use a comma to separate millions from thousands and thousands from hundreds e.g. 1,250,000 150,234

Or you can use commas to separate millions from thousands and thousands from hundreds

e.g. 1 250 000 150 234

Numbers of five figures or more should be typed in groups of 3 figures separated by a single space

4-figure numbers should not be spaced

e.g. 1 250 000 125 550 1576


When typing years, do not use a comma or a space between thousands and hundreds e.g. 1980 1990 2010