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It lets you know whenever any new pages appear on Practice Typing, telling you about new skills that you can use whilst typing.

It keeps you up-to-date with the latest typing or word processing tools and shortcuts. Know in advance any additional tips on skills, drills,or the latest typing games, free downloads, accessories, etc. which can help you to become more efficient and equipped for your job.

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Learning To Type

I wanted to learn got type at the tender age of 14. In fact, I got very annoyed with my mother over it. Strange, but true. It was the school holidays,

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Practice Typing 2-Minutes Speeds

Practice typing short speeds in order to increase your speed. Keep up the pace as often as you can and you will see good results.

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Practice Typing Meeting Minutes Format

Practice typing meeting minutes format typewritten or handwritten. They are really record of events which took place at a meeting. It can be kept in a special minute’s book.

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Practice Typing Meeting Minutes Sample

Practice typing meeting minutes sample. It is very simple and easy to follow. You can also save for future use.

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Practice Typing Living Will Online

Practice typing a living will online. It is one of the most important legal document all office typist should display accurately. It involves correctly spelt names and addresses of persons, etc.

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Practice Typing Legal Documents

Practice typing legal documents conists of rules that are necessary when typing documents such as will, deed, agreement, affidavit, etc. Traditional methods should be followed according to house style

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Practice Typing Abbreviations

It is important to know what the shortened form of words stands for. Practice typing abbreviations are here to help you understand what enc, att, and others stands for.

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Practice Typing Correct Punctuation

Practice typing correct punctuation is designed for you to type with skill. For example do you know how many spaces there are after a full stop, question mark, exclamation mark or a simple comma?

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Practice Typing And Typewriting

Practice typing and typewriting means writing with the use of a typewriter. It is one of the oldest and best training skills a person can develop as a typist. Many persons find this method to be diffi

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Practice Typing Itineraries

Practice typing itineraries is necessary for a typist or secretary to display for her employer inconnection with his arrangements of events when he goes away to conferences. It is important for her t

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