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The Typing blog is our mini journal about typing skills.

It lets you know whenever any new pages appear on Practice Typing, telling you about new skills that you can use whilst typing.

It keeps you up-to-date with the latest typing or word processing tools and shortcuts. Know in advance any additional tips on skills, drills,or the latest typing games, free downloads, accessories, etc. which can help you to become more efficient and equipped for your job.

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Practice Typing Documents

Practice typing documents involves having a knowledge of the different types of business documents that are being used in the office. For example letters, memos

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Practice Typing And Coronavirus

Practice typing and coronavirus which is a global pandemic, can be very challenging for the office staff who has to travel to the office and use a computer.

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Learning To Type

I wanted to learn got type at the tender age of 14. In fact, I got very annoyed with my mother over it. Strange, but true. It was the school holidays,

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practice typing contact us

Practice typing contact us would like to hear your comments and views. Fill in the Contact Us Form and submit it to us.

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Practice Typing 2007

Practice typing 2007 is a Word program that many people Have never used before they were employed at the office. Many offices still use them.Do you understand how to move around and find the features? Where are the toolbars?

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