Practice Typing 2007

Practice typing 2007 window is slightly different from Word 2003. As you open the window you will see a big difference in the layout of the bars and buttons. There will also be additional features for you to use in this window.

Practice Typing 2007 - Features

The Title Bar which consists of the Office button and the Quick Access Toolbar

The Ribbon which consists of tabs at the top called

  • Home
  • Insert
  • Page Layout
  • References
  • Mailings
  • Review
  • View

Each tab has groups of features for you to access easily. For example the Home tab has groups that are labeled a the bottom of each group. They are:

  • Clipboard
  • Font
  • Paragraph
  • Styles
  • Editing

Practice typing 2007 - The Launch Button

On the right side of some groups there is a square box called a launch button for you to click and open. A dialog box will open in connection with the group.

Practice typing 2007 - The Rulers

Rulers are still located at the top and the left side of your page. If you do not see your rulers you can point and click the button at the top of your vertical scroll bar located at the right side of your page and your ruler will appear.

You can also click the View tab and click in the check box next to the ruler and it will show up.

Practice typing 2007 - The Vertical Scroll Bar

The Vertical scroll bar allows you to turn your page up or down. Also at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar are arrows and buttons to move to all portions or sections of your work.

Practice typing 2007 - Status Bar

This bar is still located at the bottom of the window and it shows how many pages are used and how many words are typed. There is also different buttons which are views you can display your work on for different purposes.

To move from one view to the next click each one at a time. To close the Read View click the close button at the top middle of this view.

Practice typing 2007 - Zoom

There is also the zoom feature for you to zoom in or out showing your work closer or larger on the screen or smaller. Your print tend to look a bit smaller.

Practice typing 2007 - The Task bar

There is still your task bar showing your start button, your files that are open and your application tray with other programs running along with the time.

Practice typing 2007 -The Screen Tip

Practice typing 2007 wants you to move around and get acquainted by pointing at each button to view the screen tip which tells you what each icon or button is.

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