Learning To Type

by Jenny

I wanted to learn got type at the tender age of 14. In fact, I got very annoyed with my mother over it.

Strange, but true. It was the school holidays, and I was at work with her.
I was stood by the side of her desk, having a conversation with her. She was typing.

Not just two fingers bashing at keys, all her fingers and thumbs used and typing as fast
as we were talking. She didn't look at the keys, or the screen even; as she was looking
at me as we discussed lunch.

"HOW do you do that!" I demanded.

"Do what?" was the reply - infuriated, I clarified my question. Her answer was "practice".

Hmmm, not the answer I was particularly looking for.

Learning to type at School

As we started back to school, I had to make my GCSE choices. I opted for Business Studies. It fitted nicely with what I wanted to do, it made sense.

Well in that first few weeks, we were challenged to learn to type, touch type that is! I remember thinking 'Excellent!', now I just need to beat Mum. (I will add at this point, Mum could jam the computer up with the speed she typed at.)

At school it was great, we had a book of exercises to do, and we were able to take them home. The desks were very strange, as you had a keyboard in the desk and the lid covered your hands. I didn't have anything as elaborate at home.

My teachers suggestion was for me to borrow a clean pair of my father's underpants/boxer shorts!!! I looked at her dumb-struck, and asked how wearing these would help!

Well, if you place the keyboard of the computer in the waist of the boxers, you can place a hand up each leg. This way you cannot see the keys.

Learning to type at speed

She was right, it worked! As soon as I could do the exercise book 100% accurately, I found I needed to up my typing speed.

It was here that the television saved me!

I used to sit listening to the telly, while the Soaps were on. While listening, I started typing the conversation. To begin with it was awful. The accuracy was bad, and while I may have been pressing a key or two, there wasn't really a discernible sentence to be found.

But I continued. I was NOT going to be beaten!

An hour a day, soon saw an improvement. Encouraged I continued.

Today, I touch type all the time. In fact, if I look at the keyboard, I can guarantee I go wrong!

The irony...

My daughter stands and looks at me typing, while I talk to her. I wonder if she will be as determined!

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