Practice Typing 2-minutes Speeds

This is your practice typing 2-minutes speeds. Copy and paste them on your Word sheet. You can also print them to take home with you if you have a personal computer.

Practice Typing 2-Minutes Speeds

20 words per minute

  1. The mailing section of the firm is responsible in the normal course of events, for all letters as well as parcels sent out. The section may vary in size from one person in a small office,to a large staff.

  2. A small office will pay postage by sticking a stamp or stamps on letters and parcels while a big office will probably have a franking machine which prints the postage and the date of dispatch on the mail.

  3. The main duties of the mailing department are to see that all letters have been signed, that the right letter goes in the right envelope, to see if the postage is correct and all enclosures intended are in.

  4. If a firm corresponds regularly with the same group of people, it is usual to use the addressing machine to save time. Such a machine prints names and addresses stored in it for rapid addressing of mail.

  5. Now I am sure you have built some confidence in your typing. If you continue at this pace you will see improvements daily. Keep up. Do not give up or slow down.
  1. It took such a long time to chop through just the thin part of the trunk of the tree that it did not look as if they would cut all up and have a nice stack of logs by the time it came to take the load.

  2. Once the lights were cut off they had to live by the light of their oil lamp which, while not as bright as the normal house light, did have a charm of its own and meant that they could at least read books.

  3. It took the seeds a long time to come through but once they started to grow they grew so fast it took them just one month to reach the top of those tall poles. They soon made thick green and pink mass.

  4. The pool was quite deep at one end and proved a good place to fish for pike. These pikes were to be seen from the bank as they lurked among the old tree roots waiting for their prey to swim from the deep.

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