Practice Typing Thesaurus

Practice typing Thesaurus can help you find similar or opposite words. Tired of using the same words over and over again whilst you type business documents? Follow along and learn how to use the thesaurus . 

Practice Typing Thesaurus definition

A Thesaurus consists of a group of words that has the same meaning and or opposite in meaning. Each must be chosen accordingly.

In order to choose thesaurus words you must first highlight or select a word from your document that you would like to replace with another that is similar in meaning.

Practice Typing Thesaurus - Word Thesaurus

If you are using the Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 practice typing thesaurus shows you how to use the thesaurus by going to the tab at the top of the window. Choose the Review Tab and there you will see the Thesaurus button in the group called Proofing. It is under the Research button. Click the Thesaurus button.

The Research window will open on the right of your page. If you have not highlighted the word you can now type in the word that you will like to change in the long box provided. Click the green arrow in order to receive a list of words.

From the list you can point to the one you prefer and there you would see a down arrow. Click the down arrow and choose Copy, Insert or Research according to what you would like to do about the word.

Practice Typing Thesaurus


Another way you can use the Thesaurus is by pointing to the word. Click the right side of the mouse and there you will see a list of commands. Choose Synonyms which has an arrow pointing to the right. A list of similar words will appear for you to choose from. Point and click on your choice. The word highlighted will be replaced by this new word.

Antonyms are sometimes shown at the bottom of the list of synonyms. They are the opposite of the word you are researching. If you are not satisfied with the list of words you can then take it further by clicking on the Thesaurus which is located at the bottom of the list.

Now that you have learnt how to use the Thesaurus why not try using it from today onward as you type words that you regularly use. You can replace them or go further. You can never go wrong using this feature.


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