Practice Typing Using Desktops

Practice typing using desktops are the best decision a typist can make when it comes to creating documents.  A desktop computer is make up of :

  • A monitor
  • CPU/Central Processing Unit or a Brain
  • A Keyboard
  • A mouse and
  • Speakers

Whether working at home or in the office a desktop is better to use a desktop computer than a laptop for many reasons which is discussed below.

Practice Typing Using Desktops -Stays on a Desk

When a desktop computer is placed on an office desk it will never be removed from that day onward.  A typist will never have to move her desktop computer at any time during her working hours at home or in the office. It stays on a desk at all times.

Practice Typing Using Desktops - Easy to Maintain

When a typist has finished creating documents for the day all she needs to do is cover her desktop computer.  There are different types of materials that are designed to suit the desktop and can be purchased to cover monitor screen, keyboard and Central Processing Unit or Tower/Brain.

The Keyboard can be cleaned or sanitize easily.  It is cheaper to replaced a keyboard or a mouse although they last very long.  Keyboards can also be changeable if another typist is not pleased with original keyboard.

Practice Typing Using Desktops - Lasts longer

A desktop computer lasts longer than a laptop computer.  Why?

  1. It will never be moved so there is no chances of it falling by mistake
  2. It does not have a monitor screen to close after use
  3. It lasts longer than a laptop because parts are always available and can quickly be replaced
  4. Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor does not have to change if problems occur with CPU .

Practice Typing Using Desktops - Disadvantage of Using a Laptop

A Laptop is a compact device which consists of a monitor and a keyboard. It can be used on a table or any other flat area and as it is called, it can be used on your lap. It can also be carried from home to office using a laptop bag or casing in the shape of a brief case.

There are many disadvantages of using a laptop in the office or at home to create documents:

  1. There is a constant moving of laptops after use for safe keeping
  2. It can be easily stolen because of its size and weight
  3. It has to be constantly closed and open after use
  4. The constant opening and closing of the monitor lid can cause it to become slack and hinges can be broken
  5. Because of constant use of a laptop there can be overheating because of small fans
  6. Replacing parts of a laptop can cause the employee to replace with new one because of price and length of time to access part.

Practice typing using desktops is the way to go for the typist as seen above it is economical, durable and can be stable at all times after use.