Practice Typing Ergonomics
Is Beneficial

Do you practice typing ergonomics in the workplace? Why I am asking this question is to help you to examine the reasons why you are making so many errors whilst typing. It may be that you are not properly organized or seated with the right posture to focus fully on your job.

You also want to enjoy what you are doing especially if this is your career for life. Simple procedures or advice if followed can make your work and environment a happy and comfortable one for you.

We can never go wrong if we follow the safety rules in the office. It can make us want to do the work and do it to the best of our ability. We also feel good to see what we have accomplished in the workplace.

Following the questions below can help you to evaluate your work habits and you will be able to make the needed adjustments as you practice typing ergonomics.

  • Are my finger tips solely resting on my Home Keys before I start typing?
  • Are both hands especially my wrists resting on my keyboard?
  • When was the last time I got up from typing, took a walk for a few minutes and then got back into my typing chair?
  • What about my chair is it too low or too high with no back rest?
  • Is my desk wide enough to hold my computer, a copy holder and other items I need?

Practice Typing Ergonomics

Never underestimate the value of your health. Taking your body for granted eventually can cost you a large sum and also regrets. So think as you read the above health guidelines.You can even talk to your boss concerning the replacement of office furniture.

Learn to type properly using the right fingers and sitting with the perfect healthy posture. All these and more are found on the many pages of this website. Click the navigation button on the left for more information on typing and ergonomics.

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