Practice Typing 2003

Practice typing 2003 windows will help you identify our surroundings and features so that you can use them quickly and produce quality task on time.

It is good to get acquainted with the entire window. Many typist just type but because of not knowing the features their typing may not have that professional look and they tend to fumble for features. All because they never learnt to use practice typing 2003 so they are not are not able to use Word 2003 windows fully.

Practice Typing 2003 Bars

 Get acquainted with all the features of the Word 2003 windows below that practice typing 2003 has laid out for you.

It is divided into bars called:

1. Title bar

The first bar in Word 2003 is called the Title bar. It consists of:

  • Word icon (blue capital W)
  • Title or Name of file (eg Document 1)
  • The minimize button (it looks like a hyphen, used to close the window temporarily)
  • The Maximize button (it looks like two pages one behind the other)
  • The Close button (to close the window permanently)

2. Menu bar

The second bar is the Menu bar. It consists of buttons called:

File                         Edit
View                       Insert
Format                    Tools
Table                      Windows

3. Standard Toolbar

The third tool bar is the Standard Tool bar which consists of icons called:

New                                    Open
Save                                   Print
Print Preview                        Spelling and Grammar
Thesaurus                           Cut
Copy                                   Paste etc

4. Formatting Toolbar

The fourth toolbar is called the Formatting toolbar which consists of buttons called:

Font                                Font Size
Bold                                Italic
Underline                         left align
Center                             Right align
Justify etc

The Formatting and Standard toolbar should always be displayed in your window. These bars consist of some of the main features that can be used to enhance your tasks.

Practice Typing 2003
Cannot find a toolbar?

If they are not displayed you can go the Menu bar, click View>Toolbars and you will see a list of toolbars. Click on the one you need and it will immediately appear on the window.

5. Rulers

Above your white page you will see your rulers. There is also another one on the left.

6. Scroll bars

There are two scroll bars. One on the right of the page to turn your page up or down and the other at the bottom of the page. It is called the horizontal scroll bar because it can move your page across the window in order to view hidden data.

7. Status bar

Next is the Status bar. This bar tells you where your cursor is on your page and what page it is on.

8. Drawing Toolbar

Sometimes the Drawing toolbar is automatically displayed above the Status bar. It consists of the following icons and buttons:

Draw                                 AutoShapes   
Line                                   Arrow 
Square etc.

9. Task Bar

Finally you will see your Task bar. This bar consists of:

  1. The Start button
  2. Files that are open
  3. Application tray (consists of other programs running in the background also the date and time)

Screen Tip

If you do not know where to find a certain button or icon point to each icon or button and you will receive a screen tip that is a little message box telling you what is that.

Remember practice typing using Word 2003 is here to help you with those documents you need to complete as quickly as possible.

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