Practice Typing Speeds Accurately

Practice typing speeds can help you speed up and never go back to make not even one correction. Practice makes perfect. If this is your employment or profession do it right. Make a schedule or set a goal in order to accomplish this.

Practice typing speeds -Making too many errors

Many typist and secretaries believe that when you make errors, correcting it is not so serious. They believe that using the Backspace or Delete key makes it simple. This is true but how many times do you find yourself pressing those two keys every time you make an error?

If you are hurriedly trying to meet a deadline you can be held back because you have not overcome this serious but simple hurdle. When we are busy we tend to forget which finger goes where. We begin to panic, looking at the keyboard believing we can go faster and finish at a shorter time. This may not be the case. Make time, slow down, and carry out some timed tests.

Improve Typing Speeds

These speeds are designed to help you improve your typing speeds. When you practice them regularly, you will be proud of yourself as you see your fingers moving smoothly on one key after another, never having to make corrections so regularly which waste a lot of time.

Do not take your speed for granted, pace up and finish your task in a short time accurately. Do not delay or feel regret because you kept putting it off believing that you will start when you get some time. Make the time and be persistent. So take your time and do it right. Do not procrastinate.

Practice typing speeds -

You can click on any of the links below to improve your speed in typing.

one minute and
2 minutes -Speeds

There are a whole lot of alphabet speeds to practice along with timed speed tests both one minute and two minutes speeds waiting for you on this website. Just take your time and start at a slow pace then build your speed from there.

You can print them, take them home from your office if you own a personal computer and make time to practice. Or you can try them on the job during your lunch hour or may be first thing in the morning as you reach to work maybe a bit earlier. 

When you are finished typing proof read the sentences on the screen. Circle the incorrect words and try to trace the keys on the keyboard that may be causing these errors regularly. Practice these until you are error free. Do not give up!