Practice Typing Paragraphs

Practice typing paragraphs are very simple to carry out.  You can create side headings using the hanging style or left and right indent for quotations, etc. All these are clearly explained and laid out  in the following :

Practice typing paragraphs using -First line indent

First you type your paragraph and highlight or select it. Then you go to the ruler above your page and on the left side of the ruler you will see three small buttons. The first two is shaped like a triangle while the other is square.

      Point to the first button. Press the left side of your mouse and drag this button 1" on your ruler. Your paragraph will now be first line indent meaning the first line came in five to six spaces inside from the margin. You can also press your tab key in order to create a first line indent in your paragraph. The first line in this paragraph was indented.

Practice typing paragraphs using -
Left Indent

Left indent will bring the left side of the paragraph six spaces from the left of the margin.

Type your paragraph and highlight it. Go to the last button on the ruler and drag it 1" on the ruler. The entire paragraph has moved one inch..

Practice typing paragraphs using -
Left and right indent

Left and right indent will bring both sides of your paragraph six spaces in from the margins. All you need to do is type the paragraph and highlight it then you point to the last button on the ruler and drag it to 1" on the ruler.

Then you point to the small button on the right side of the ruler and drag it 5.5" on the ruler if your margin stops at 6.5". Both right and left sides of the paragraph will come in one inch from the margin.

Practice typing paragraphs using - Hanging Indent

Hanging indent are mostly used for side headings. Your headings are at the left side of the margin and the paragraph is on the right side of the margin away from the headings. Two line spaces separates each paragraph.

Steps to take

To carry out hanging indent you first type the heading then you go to the left side of the ruler and click the center or second button. Drag it 2.5" on the ruler to type your paragraphs.

You can also look at your headings to see which one is the longest so that you will be able to know how close or far away you will have to drag your hanging indent button.

You can now practice typing these paragraph formats and choose the right one for your paragraphs.

Do you know there are different types of paragraphs?

To find out more you can click on the link below.