Practice Typing Abbreviations

Many employers are always in a hurry whether in or out of the office. Even when drafting a letter for you to type they tend to scribble it quickly sometimes without recognizing what they are writing pertaining to words.

Practice Typing Abbreviations - The Draft

What do you find most of the time when you receive the draft and have to type from his draft? You will see abbreviations like: ds, thk fr yr dtd Mar, info, th, mtg, mor, and many more can tact your brain as to which word each stands for.

If you are good with English then by following up the topic or conversation of each sentence you will be able to choose suitable words according to the shortened form you see from the draft. They do not even have the time to finish what they are writing all because they are so occupied with other office responsibilities. This is where you fit in.

Learning abbreviations and what they stand for can relieve your employer from writing out words fully in his draft. If you have not fully understand some of these abbreviations, is here to assist you with those abbreviations.

Practice Typing Abbreviations - Invoices

When typing invoices which are sent to each customer, they are recorded on a ledger card on his page in the sales ledger. At the end of each month or other agreed period a copy of the entries are made on a statement of account which tells the purchaser the total sum owing for the period.

The abbreviation E & OE is printed at the bottom of an invoice form or statement. This means "errors and omissions excepted" by which the supplier reserves the right to correct any undercharge or overcharge or to submit a further document for any item or items omitted.

There are also terms such as fob, cp, cod, etc. It is good to know their meaning. You can never know when they will come in handy.

It is good to know which abbreviations should be spelt out or is left abbreviated. You will find a list of abbreviations often used and what they stand for on this website.

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